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Driveways Plymouth

Here at Priory Conversions and Interiors, our driveways in Plymouth are always designed and created impeccably. Driveways are an extension of your home and the first thing you and your visitors see upon arrival. That is why our professional builders take such pride in creating a unique and stylish entrance to your property. We can use resin bonded gravel, brick, tarmac, or concrete on your driveways. Moreover, we offer expert advice and guidance on which materials will suit your budget and attain your design aspirations. So, contact us today for a free quotation on our driveway solutions.

Driveway Contractors

Our driveway contractors use a range of materials to produce beautiful and bespoke patterns and designs for driveways. Surfaces including concrete and resin bonded driveways can offer simple, yet attractive results, and so are ideal for those with a tight budget. As a team of highly talented tradespeople, we can produce top-quality driveways for competitive rates. So, call today to discuss your aspirations.

Preparation For Driveways

We can prepare your driveway for your driveway installation, and this preparation varies depending on the ground quality and your selected materials. However, the basic steps and considerations include:

  • Mapping out perimeters – marking all the outer edges of your driveway
  • Ground excavation – removal of loose topsoil, exposing firmer subsoil layers
  • Service installations – avoiding water, sewerage, electrics, and gas lines
  • Choosing the correct sub-base – Such as MOT, bitumen, and other aggregates
  • Fitting membranes – separating the layers and allowing for drainage (gravel drives)
  • Curing base layers – sub-layers will require adequate time to set before topping
  • Reinforcing the ground – your driveway needs to be able to hold weight sufficiently
  • Pouring or spreading your top layer – for smooth concrete or resin bound surfaces
  • Levelling – ensuring that the final product is smooth and drains well
  • Weather – make adequate provision for movement caused by temperature changes

As is clear, there are many steps involved in creating the perfect driveway. Mistakes at these stages can result in a poor finish, future damage occurring and some potentially costly repairs. So, do not leave it to chance, our professional team can create driveways that are affordable, will look great, and last!

Contact Priory Conversions and Interiors

Get in touch today with Priory Conversions and Interiors if you need solutions for driveways in Plymouth. We also offer our services to the surrounding areas including Saltash, Ivybridge and Stoke. Our team are ready to discuss your ideas and help bring your ideas to life.